10 Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Self-Storage Marketing

  • 11/28/12
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QR codes (short for “quick response”) — you’ve probably seen them around because they are popping up everywhere you look. They are those little squares with a funky black and white pattern inside. They are cousin to the bar code.

You use a QR code reader on your smart phone (and your phone needs to have a camera) to scan the square and read the information in the code. That information can contain a variety of information: a link to a video, webpage, document, picture, graphic, or just plain text.

These codes are exceptionally easy to create. You don’t need any special knowledge. You don’t need to know HTML, PHP, Java, or any other programming language. If you can copy and paste and type text on your computer you have what it takes to create a QR code.

While there are many free QR code creators on the Internet, I like Quikqr the best. The URL is: http://quikqr.com. It is extremely easy to use to make the codes. Simply type in the text or paste in a URL. Then, click on a button and create the code as a picture (which is that funky black and white square). Then, you just have to save the picture for later use.

Here are ten ways that you can use QR codes for your self storage business.

  1. Create a video that shows the different sizes of your units. Post that video on YouTube. Create a QR code with the URL to the video. Then, put the code in your print advertisements, brochures, flyers, and magazines.
  2. Create several QR codes that are just plain text. Have the text offer a discount. For example, the discount could be 20% off their first month’s rent or 15% off a purchase of moving supplies. Print several copies of code and attach them to random moving supplies that you sell. Then, when someone buys that item, scan the code and give the customer the discount stated on the code.
  3. Create a code that offers a discount on a rental unit. Put the code on your webpage. When customers go to your website, they’ll see the code, scan it, print the discount, and then take it in to your office to receive the discount.
  4. Create a QR code that contains the URL to a webpage on your company’s website. The webpage lists rental sizes, prices, locations of your storage facilities and their business hours. Post the code to your Facebook page.
  5. You can also take the code to your website and print it up on a piece of paper. Put that paper in the window of your business. People who stop by after hours can scan the code and get information about your office hours and size of units that you have.
  6. If you put a code on your Facebook page, change it occasionally. Change what the code says. Have codes that are links to coupons, YouTube videos, tips on how a person can best organize her storage unit, or maybe be just a funny saying.
  7. You could link to a PDF document (that is on your file server) that has information about your upcoming activities: to your charitable activities such as Toys for Tots or a winter wear drive; an auction that you will be having at your facility, or an money raising activity where you donate funds to cancer research; a scholarship contest.
  8. Create a code that links to an article on your blog – or other articles that you think might be of interest to your customers.
  9. Create a code that links to your website. Print the code on business cards and letterheads.
  10. You can print a code on promotional t-shirts, hats, and tote bags that you give out to customers.

Go to Quickqr and give it a whirl. You’ll have lots of fun while creating new ways to promote your business.

Article by Holly Robinson Holly Robinson is a frequent contributor to Extra Space Storage Inc.’s online features page. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Extra Space owns or operates more than 900 self-storage properties throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. The company’s properties comprise approximately 610,000 units and about 66.5 million square feet of rentable space.

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